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The solution for nursing homes

Mains d'un soignant et d'une personne âgée

Thanks to our capsule, residents reconnect with forgotten emotions or sensations.

Alzheimer's patients can also benefit from it, the device being easily transportable from one sector to another.

The multiple sensations experienced also promote discussion with the facilitator and other residents.

We can create tailor-made experiences according to residents' requests, in order to create a familiar universe in which they feel perfectly at ease.

Use for Children's Medical Institute

Fille joyeuse atteinte de Trisomie 21

The diversity of multi-sensory experiences makes it possible to offer content suitable for children and adolescents.

The choice can be made on experiences offering more sensations or on the contrary on others quieter and specifically developed for younger audiences.

The ergonomics of the capsule have been designed to adapt to specific IME bed formats, as well as to all types of wheelchairs.

The relaxing and calming effects will also be felt by children with autistic disorders, the experiences having been designed to focus attention and calm patients.

Adapted for Adult Medical Institute 

Se déplacer en fauteuil roulant

The VirtySens device has been designed to adapt to all disabilities, whether cognitive or motor.

The experiments are easily accessible in a wheelchair, in a shell or in a bed. Whatever the position of the patient's head, the VirtySens device adapts and allows everyone to enjoy the sights, sounds and sensations.

The refocusing of the diffused images is done automatically according to the position of the user's head, in order to guarantee an optimal experience.

Well-being for caregivers

Groupe de soignants heureux devant la capsule

The use is so simple that the nursing staff do not hesitate to use the device as well. 

The selection of experiences being intuitive, there are almost no limits to the feeling of well-being. They can then fully enjoy a break well-deserved. 

A real decompression bubble for all those who need it the most.

Use in the medical sector

Utilisation de Virtysens dans le milieu médical

Our capsule can be used in hospital wards. It helps the patient face the pain and allows him to relax during the experience.

Our device is suitable for patients in palliative care centers, living labs, sophrology practices or psychology practices. It offers them an experience of well-being and helps them calm their anxiety.

A solution for your events

Groupe de personnes à un événement

Our device can also be used to animate your events. Our capsule allows you to live many types of experiences and therefore adapt to all audiences.

We can easily move our immersive travel capsule to the location of your events. The latter does not require a network connection, so it can be used anywhere with ease.

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