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Personne âgée en mobilité réduite qui voyage

The immersive multi-sensory capsule

A Made In France innovation

Well-being for all

VirtySens offers an immersion through the senses suitable for all types of public. Our goal is simple: to offer vulnerable people a unique experience using an immersive multi-sensory capsule, and to make them feel intense sensations, often forgotten.

To achieve this goal, our capsule uses the 4 senses:

  • The sight and the hearing are stimulated thanks to the diffusion of films in high definition and in the adapted format (2D, 3D, 180 or 360 degrees ), combined with a binaural sound

  • The sense of smell is activated thanks to the diffusion of micro-droplets of essential oils, synchronized with the image

  • The touch is stimulated thanks to the presence of hot and cold air which pair with the different scenes offered.



Developed in collaboration with a sophrologist-psychologist and a psychomotor therapist, and enriched by numerous feedback from specialized educators, occupational therapists, facilitators and caregivers, our range of immersive experiences is diverse:

  • Discovery: users are immersed in the heart of unknown lands with warm, icy or tropical atmospheres, or cultural sites

  • Positive memories: patients are immersed in settings and atmospheres that revive their memory (monuments of Paris, Venice, pyramids of Egypt, etc.)

  • Relaxation: users are brought to a state of relaxation and well-being thanks to environments designed to reduce anxiety and the sensation of pain


An innovative non-drug therapy, adapted to motor, psychic and sensory disorders

Easy to use

A turnkey solution

  • Plug & Play: a plug to plug in ... and that's it!

  • No Wi-Fi required

  • No complicated protocol

  • Personalized support by our teams

  • Easy maintenance

Groupe de soignants devant le dispositif VirtySens
Mobile & Adaptable

Our capsule adapts to your needs and constraints

  • Compatible with your elevators

  • Easy access to a single room

  • Can be used while sitting or lying down

  • Accessible to all audiences: children, adults or seniors

  • Folding ring

Mobilité d'une personne en fauteuil roulant

Four senses stimulated simultaneously

  • Total immersion

  • 5 multi-sensory boxes

  • Wind, heat, cold and smells diffused at 360 °

  • Stimulation of cognitive functions

  • An evolving film library

Utilisation de la capsule multisensorielle
Personne utilisant des béquilles


“VirtySens is an extraordinary tool, approved by all. Its scope of possibilities meets the needs of all the users of my pole, which ranges from day care to nursing home, but not only, since my colleague also acquired it for her pole consisting of an after-sales service SAMSAH SESSAD and for Emautis.


Barely installed, the immersive capsule is immediately used. The bodies and the faces start to relax, and the patients start to feel new  emotions. We can see smiles or even sometimes hear a laugh ...

Thank you to the entire VirtySens team: your tool brings real added value to support and to generate, in addition to well-being and respite, a new form of group dynamics. ”

Luigina DE FRANCESCO, Director of Apei - Les Papillons Blancs of the Saint Omer district - May 2021

Personne en fauteuil roulant regardant l'horizon

Request a demo

Contact us to arrange a meeting with our team and discover our immersive travel capsule.

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